SKS Mag Adapter


As you will need to make modifications to your rifle and magazines we have a disclaimer.....


Modification Disclaimer

To install this you will need to remove material from the reciever, trigger group, magwell, staock, bolt and magazine of the rifle.  These modifications are not reversable without purchasing replacement parts.  Although these modifications should not cause any safety concerns and are fairly easily to perform with a rotory tool.  Being impatiant and taking too much material off may case the rifle to not feed or operate correctly.  We are not responsible for any modifications done nor any damage that may occur, even when following our directions.

Also due to differences in the many manufatures and tolerances, even following our instructions one may have feeding issues.  The installer will have to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution on a per rifle.  This will take patience and thought.  We will help as best we can via email and/or phone but sometimes without the rifle in front of us it is hard to diagnose these problems.  These issues are not a problem with the adapter but just the inherent problem of trying to modifiy a rifle to use hardware beyond what it was designed for.  These should be able to be overcome with patience and time.

Magazine Disclaimer

I've been dealing with a problem with ASC mags and the bullets nose diving and hitting below the chamber.  I believe this is due to the rear dimples and ridges on the magazine.  When the bolt starts moving the round forward the dimple sticks in the rim and drags the bottom down pulling the bullet down.  This is more visable when the magazine if full and under tension and letting the bolt fly it may pass by this quickly, but not always.  We believe the fix is to grind out the dimples in the magazine.  When we confirm this fix we will update the installation instructions.