SKS Mag Adapter

AR-15 Magazine Adapter

AR-15 Magazine Adapter for SKS

Now you can use AR-15 style Magazines on you SKS. The SKS magazine adapter slips onto you SKS where the existing internal magazine would be and connects with the existing locking mechanism for the internal magazine. The adapter is a single piece of plastic and is a cost effective way of adding more capability to your SKS. Some modification of your SKS and the magazines you are planning on using is needed and is detailed in the installation instructions

These adapters are shipped either finished or unfinished.  The finished product has been coated with a resin and smoothed out.  Then Enameled to it's color.  These are finished products, but during fitting to your rifle you may have to be refinished.  The Unfinished versions are just a strait black plastic version (Shown in pictures).

$80Cdn + shipping

Replacement Mag Catch and Button for Adapter

This is a replacement for the magazine Catch, Release button, and return spring for the SKS Magazine Adapter.

$10Cdn + shipping